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Monday, June 25, 2007

Mondays off

This is how it works: When I work solo on a weekend I take Monday off. Sometimes Tuesday as well.

It sounds straight forward enough. I work weekends. From Monday - Friday keyboard: actionscript, vector forms, html mashes, Ajax assemblies of dubious effectiveness, to Saturday - Sunday: commercial cleaner for two days. A quick, wet, and exhilarating 15 klms later we're home, parked up. I'm showered, feeling good.

I am fortunate in that I like my jobs. People seem to have a hard time getting their heads around it. I am supposed to be a full time nerd. I am expected to fountain vast arrays of Web 2 goodness at people when they ask me my opinion.

My opinion is that Monday to Friday is too busy for opinions, the weekends I am a completely different person, and therefore my opinion wouldn't count. Right?

I look forward to the weekends. It's like becoming someone else. Weekends I get to play with hideous chemicals, earn more per hour than during the week, earn more money than you, and actually end up with something I am proud of. I like clean. I always have.

I look forward to the bizarre swap out from super clean web aesthetics, if allowed my wish in designs, which these days is usually the case, to the madness of commercial premises, evidence of the occupants scattered about; sad lives, in my opinion only, sad lives to be enacted five days a week, all for the lure of the one thing everyone needs - paycheck. A look at the egos, the love lives, the food preferences, all shown in the place they work.

Some places I like the feeling of being the only one there; I get extremely bitchy if anyone dare turn up for work on 'my' weekends.

But, I don't feel the need to explain that in any more detail.

Monday off. Sometimes Tuesday.

This is Monday. This is also the planned day for a return to the wonderfully challenging sport of biking, against myself. A year since I last managed a self competition; a year since I rear ended a perfectly well parked car.

And, it rains. I'm trained to go to the hydro pool on Mondays; I've expended great effort in retraining myself in preparation for this particular day. And it's raining. And, it's the first day of school holidays. Loathsome.

The bike, and rider debut; raining rather too much, riding a new bike with no experience in it's workings, working out the gears on the fly, testing brakes - something I've never really had, getting wet.

Beautiful machinery makes me happy. This bike is beautifully constructed. Performs flawlessly in driving rain, the rider a tad wary of it's aggressive steering, and more than a bit put out with rain, but still determined. Very determined.

A quick, wet, and exhilarating 15 klms later we're home, parked up. I'm showered, feeling good.

This will be a fine bicycle, and my mental state will reflect just that.

Oh, and then I ran into James Joyce again.
Followed closely by House of Leaves - Danielewski

Some Mondays are like that. That's why it's a good day not to work.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday - June 22nd

The report - weekly
The high pitched noise in the background is/was the washing machine - I would have filtered it out, but I forgot. No, that's a lie - I just couldn't be bothered.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blogger, killin' them again - video upload

Just a little Marilyn Manson to check the very latest in Blogger goodness.

Love it. Want it. Got it.

a Digg and del.icio.us pariah

Is this the end?
Weeks, possibly even months. Gone before us, long gone. I have erred mightily. I am probably to be cast from the fold. Almost no doubt of it I feel; I may even turn myself in.

Reddit, Diggnation, Vitamin, all neglected. I have skipped them. I feel like a traitor. I have failed in my daily readings: I have neglected Digg and del.icio.us. I have proceeded without information, without the advisory. Surfed, plodded, read content that had not been approved by the twin god's of popularity and information, Digg and del.icio.us.

I have no idea how it happened. How could it? I have them both featured in the bookmark folder 'daily reads', the folder that must be accessed daily, containing links to all the 'leaders' who will instruct me on what I am reading today. From there to add them to posts of mine, so that the links get even more exposure.

I'm ashamed to admit I have been surfing without protection. It's a crime on a par with casual sex without a condom. I have been cheeky enough to read content without approval from the biggies.

Reddit, Diggnation, Vitamin, all neglected. I have skipped them. I feel like a traitor.

My god, what is wrong with me? What have I done? I almost forgot to Twitter today. I didn't Jyte. I can admit to Rocketbooming - surely that mitigates things just a bit - doesn't it? And I popped over to gapingvoid for a drop of humor; that's something isn't it?

I have no defense. I have no excuse. I failed to become a linkwhore. I failed a while ago when I neglected to add the URL's to my collection of links on Digg, and del.icio.us; failed to understand why people would want to flop about in my links; shortcuts to such heady stuff as 'Aristotle in Hollywood: The Anatomy of ... - Google Book Search'. The riveting Dutch Type - Google Book Search. I figured normal people may need a rest from such goodness, especially when Digg favors me with 'How the cell phone only generation is changing politics' (didn't ask, didn't read, but you should).

I hate it when I get out of step with the world, your's or mine. I intend to make amends, try and soak up as many links as I can, blunder through the backlog; or should I just check in to NippleByte and relax?

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The heart of the matter

It's not looking good
52 years old and things are breaking down.

The heart, a vital organ, and an organ I possess only one copy of, seems to have become a tad 'overclocked' in recent times. It always ran a bit erratically, but we managed to control that with a blood pressure medication. Settled things right down. The thing ran like a clock. Still does.

It's depressing; I'm just too young in the head to have a heart that has bad attitude.
In recent times it seems to have taken to getting a bit more pressure: numbers and facts I cannot tell you - I have no interest in them, and they mean nothing to me.

Last doctor visit, to the Good Looking Lady Doctor, (ostensibly to get an arse full of the latest and greatest, stay young, stay upright drug - Reandron. Reandron more fully described here replaces the testosterone I seem to have managed to use up. I had an active life.) finds that the blood pressure has taken on some hideous proportions.

'Come back in a month,' GLLD demands, 'and if it's not where it should be, I'll make it get there.'

One month today. The bloody thing has done nothing but gain more menacing numbers.

'Time to bring that down a bit,' she states, 'add these to your morning list.'

So, not instead of, as an addition. Seems that some people had a gene thing that goes on - they just seem to have a built in thing happening with blood pressure.

So, least my heart explode, spitting valves and whatever else in in there, throughout my chest, I am to take yet another pill.

Standard warnings; be prepared to fall over in a dead faint, be prepared to die of unspeakable horrors; we have to tell you this because you may try and sue us if we don't. Standard label. Standard risk.

It's depressing; I'm just too young in the head to have a heart that has bad attitude.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hold the debut..

gale force winds?
New bike. New resolution. No fear.
Weather - for the first time in 5 years we are having a typical winter: bitterly cold westerly winds, morning to night.

We're not talking an average wind here; We're talking real nipple stuff; skin peeling strength. I don't appear outdoors. Not in bike knickers and top. Not at all. It's a sobering sight on a warm day. No need to scare people.

Bike, the wonderful Blade, still sitting in garage. I go out and have a look at it occasionally. It's cold in the garage too.

Indoors. The heater behind me is there for the cat. And me. The cat is at the vet for the day. We felt the need to spend money. The cat needed looking at after a recent confrontation. Nothing that money won't fix. He's even getting his teeth cleaned.

Westerly wind. No biking. No debut.

Feels like a Rammstein occasion to me.

It's obvious I am going through some serious mid life crisis if I can spend a good part of the day listening to an industrial metal band singing in German. Don't understand a word but it's a seriously good look, well, if you're into people on stage, on fire.

Meanwhile, the cat is fixed, cured, teeth cleaned, and I seem to be out of pocket by a considerable amount.

The heater however is still operating fine.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Blade debuts

a year later..
Bad sleep. Wake early. Contemplation. Decision.

After a year of being without a bike it's time for a new one.

The old one languishing in the garage, bent and broken after the well reported impact into the rear of a parked car. Broken bike, broken shoulder. A/C joint needed an overhaul, tendons needed screwing back to the bone. Six months of drama.

Ergo, bike time. Doctor maintains my brain is in a better place when I'm riding. I concur.Biking definitely off the agenda. Possibly some fear of getting going again. Worried that I would manage to do the same thing again.

Physio addiction, physio dependence. Hydro addiction, hydro dependence. Twice a week - without fail. Impending closure of the entire facility looming causing mental short circuit. Obsessives do that. I do that.

Need to get more active than I am now. Need sunlight. I seem to fall to pieces without the sun. Winter causes the inside thing. Inside with the heater, and the cat. No fresh air.

Once I get outside I am fine, active, happy.

Ergo, bike time. Doctor maintains my brain is in a better place when I'm riding. I concur.

Packing up the bent model we present ourselves to the local bike shop to be inducted into the wonderful world of bikes.

The decision was easy. Avanti. The same model as I looked at just prior to piling into the car.

Avanti Blade.

I have long lusted after it, now I have it. Well, not physically, it's still getting it's bits put together, but financially at least. All I have to show for it is a brand new helmet - having cracked the existing one bouncing off the road. I think I might wear it to bed tonight.

If I had emotions I would be able to say I was excited, but I shall settle for 'satisfied'. Something to get me out in the sun, somethings light years ahead of my old faithful. Purpose built - thin tires and flat handlebars - speed without having to bend almost double.

The winter suddenly looks like it might be OK.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007


Version 1.0.2 debuts
Last seen in February. Lost when the bookmarks got eaten by an unfriendly virus scan - don't ask, it's easier.

Stripgenerator operated well by several blokes in Slovenia, has come of age since I have been away.

Finding them again is a pleasure. Now they're all grown up and at version 1.0.2, and accommodating over 3000 members.

The idea is you create an account and get busy making a comic strip using the available people, objects, shapes and text balloons.

The end result, your very own creation, is saved and available anytime you want to dazzle a friend with your creative genius, as in:

or even:


or perhaps:


Beat that. Better still, join in, go there, make an account, and start doing things....

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Rain, and things

stunned, bludgeoned into belief..
It rained. It actually rained. Rained for an entire night and the next day. Yesterday. I was luxuriating at the hydro pool. One of life's great pleasures has to be lying in a 35 degree pool, watching the rain out the steamed windows.

It was supposed to continue today but we instead had a peek through of sunlight, followed by a return to overcast. Now, late in the day, it looks to be coming in again.

The excitement over rain is statewide - it ran first on the news, over top of a major train smash in Victoria which produced 12 casualties. Up here we look for rain first, then we check how the trains are going. The television was littered with graphs, and charts indicating where the rain came from, went to, and by how much all the dams would benefit from it all. Not a lot as it turned out.

What the place needs is about a month of non stop rain. Enough to send people jumping off bridges in despair, flooded out of existence, wishing it had never started. Around a month would still only get the dams back to a level where the water was actually visible.

The question remains, however, how did people not manage to notice that the dams were out of water?

Surely, if you were lucky enough to have a job at a dam; a dam attendant perhaps, you could reasonably expect to be required to cast a cursory glance at the contents of the dam once in a while, and glancing and not noticing water should really be grounds for making a phone call to someone - 'the dam, she is dryer than it should be' - someone with a brain. This could have all been expected to have taken place about five years ago. What our 'dam attendants' were doing was obviously not checking the water.

Too late, I fear, to apply for a job at a dam.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

June - start of winter

What else did you want to know?