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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The heart of the matter

It's not looking good
52 years old and things are breaking down.

The heart, a vital organ, and an organ I possess only one copy of, seems to have become a tad 'overclocked' in recent times. It always ran a bit erratically, but we managed to control that with a blood pressure medication. Settled things right down. The thing ran like a clock. Still does.

It's depressing; I'm just too young in the head to have a heart that has bad attitude.
In recent times it seems to have taken to getting a bit more pressure: numbers and facts I cannot tell you - I have no interest in them, and they mean nothing to me.

Last doctor visit, to the Good Looking Lady Doctor, (ostensibly to get an arse full of the latest and greatest, stay young, stay upright drug - Reandron. Reandron more fully described here replaces the testosterone I seem to have managed to use up. I had an active life.) finds that the blood pressure has taken on some hideous proportions.

'Come back in a month,' GLLD demands, 'and if it's not where it should be, I'll make it get there.'

One month today. The bloody thing has done nothing but gain more menacing numbers.

'Time to bring that down a bit,' she states, 'add these to your morning list.'

So, not instead of, as an addition. Seems that some people had a gene thing that goes on - they just seem to have a built in thing happening with blood pressure.

So, least my heart explode, spitting valves and whatever else in in there, throughout my chest, I am to take yet another pill.

Standard warnings; be prepared to fall over in a dead faint, be prepared to die of unspeakable horrors; we have to tell you this because you may try and sue us if we don't. Standard label. Standard risk.

It's depressing; I'm just too young in the head to have a heart that has bad attitude.

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