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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a new film

What was I saying - I had nothing to talk about? Wrong!

Just when your day assumes the texture of a pancake and it looks like there may be no real reason for taking another breath, something always turns up.

There I was, pressing on in the search for 3rd Reich architectural examples and places of interest via Google Maps, when the inbox informed that there was a new Hillman Curtis online short film available.

Hillman Curtis, principle of Hillmancurtis.com, inc, was design director for Macromedia some time ago, and is responsible for my obsession with Flash. He has been referred to as 'the Pope of Flash'.

More recently the output from Hillman Curtis is film, written by Hillman himself, a series of 'online short films'. Which makes him responsible for my obsession with online short films.

The latest, 'Embrace' features the same design, tight shots, close depth of field, great light, serious saturation of color, and a beautiful camera movement.

Go there, look, enjoy, see what I suspect is the future of web visuals; short, punchy, rich colors, and great layout, accessible everywhere courtesy of Flash.

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