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Friday, August 03, 2007

130 klms and miscellanea

forgot friday
Obsessions firmly implanted, reading everything, everywhere about cycling, over the initial fear of getting back on the bike, now into all the things that one can obsess about if one is of that nature. Tyres, tyre pressure, wheels, pedal, grips, everything that pertains to cycling. So pleased to be back, Promising I will take more care.

Cadence. It all comes down to cadence. And chocolate milk. You need chocolate milk.

Higher cadence, means more revolutions per minute. Like shifting down a gear. In fact it is shifting down gear based on todays trial of all that has been absorbed from reading most of the day yesterday. Pressure off the knees, pedal quicker, not harder.

In action, today, a quick 30klm round the lake, headwind, hills, anything shift down, maintain the cadence.

It works. It not only works but for some reason it also make the entire session quicker. Physics goes out the window here, but pedal faster in a lower gear and you are going to be quicker overall than grinding along in higher gear.
You also get into that strange place where you go when you're in a groove, running, cycling, whatever - a dreamland—maybe the place I was when I hit the last car.

That time I was head down contemplating whether the post girl on her step thru really did have anything on underneath that heavy PVC jacket; kind of mulling over the possibility that she didn't and working up a pretty detail appraisal of her breasts; Look up, car, brakes, late, awful noise [ more ]

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