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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


September 11th
We, here in the center of the world actually do the date the other way around. If the US was to adopt that there would be no foundation for all the theories surrounding the significance of the date.

It was big. The biggest thing I have ever seen. I watched the television all day; same thing, over and over again. Hard to believe. Still is.

Conspiracy theorists would have you believe that there was in fact no planes, anywhere, least of all inside any buildings; it was a plot by many people, for many reasons, and none of it makes sense.

The US is shitting today; never knowing what might happen on any anniversary. Could wake up to find a 747 parked in the roof of the White House, George's lips most definitely pursed, men with ear plugs leaping about talking into their sleeves. (What happens in summer? Do they ever get to wear short sleeve shirts, nuzzling into their armpits to send a message, doesn't sound right to me)

Spring / Fall
Meanwhile, back here on the safe side of the world, Spring is making a beautiful entrance. The wisteria that is slowly choking the lattice out the back door has burst into flower. A great sight. Some well timed rain has hastened the change of season, green abounds where a month ago all was brown, brown and dusty.

Almost makes me happy, but wait, no I can't be, I'm allergic to pollen and now the air will be filled with it - woe is me. (But of course, our hero remembers that they make drugs for allergies and drugs are good, and if he takes enough of them he won't even know it's spring—so all is good again.)

Delirious from cough mixture I think.

I don't get colds and flus, one of the reasons I keep away from people. Now I'm blown off my feet by some vicious bastard of a bug given to me, no doubt, by someone of dubious personal hygiene. Antibiotics required, and patience. I don't do patience.

First ride this week is only a warm up 12 klms - just to make sure the lungs are still working. Looking at the whole week to get back up to fitness again, all due to some sniveling citizen.

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