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Friday, September 07, 2007

not all is lost

"in life, only sudden decisions, leaps, or
jerks can lead to progress."

Stated Kierkegaard.

one (1)There are no sudden decisions when you are struck down by a virus that has set out to kill you.
Once it gets a hold on you there are no certainties anymore. Deep depression is the way to end the week. The way to end any week.I'm sure I take pills for that.
Medication. I'm medicated.
I'm medicated out of my fucking mind.
two (2)Apple are refunding iPhone owners some money because they have reduced the price of the second tranche. Too many people got pissed off. File under 'how not to make friends'
three (3) Delirious, I joined,in no particular order, Twango, (Recently acquired by Nokia as the next stage of taking over the electronic world), and StumbleUpon (something so intense that you are required to have a toolbar hanging off your browser to operate it—or, at least, to change passwords, because I've already tried.)I'm not much into extra bits hanging off my browser so we seem to be at an impasse already.

I joined other things too, but the codeine I have managed to ingest seems to have cleared my memory today.
four (4)I am royally fucked at the moment, early evening Friday; I have actual physical jobs over the weekend. A trauma. Interest factor - oh, about nil. Yvonne will be with me, we will manage, but I'd rather be in disease free mode for it.

I am not familiar with such sicknesses—a fortunate life has guided me around such banal maladies, save one or two. I never remember sickness once I am free of it; people that do I fear are inviting more of the same.

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