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Friday, October 26, 2007

but no, Friday too

Never enough!!

Never ever enough. Everyone needs more of me, more and more of me. You know it, I know it. I am stunned by the service that I offer humans, stunned and amazed. Take advantage of this special offer.

episode 101

puberty—the perils
In which our hero resolutely carries on producing substandard video in the face of incredible odds, managing again to prove that no matter how good the tools  some people can always manage to fuck it up.

Thursday may have been the last video of the week, but, by popular demand and a need to know if Imeem handles mpeg4, yet another fine offering is produced.

Squeal like a pig if you love my screen image, squeal now, squeal loud...

Throw your underwear at the screen, swoon...  I am here for you my child.

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Thursday then

Multi tasking. Virtualdub and a swimming pool with a bike... 

Thursday followed Tuesday - a pleasing sequence.

The totals were 110 klms on the bike, 1klm in the pool and our hero enters having freshened up in a shower, ready to lecture the world on his theory of Rammstein videos for children under 3.

Riveting video. Sit down.Sit back. Sit still for gods sake, this is serious stuff.. 

And so, the week over, visually speaking, all that remains is to sit outside and wave the children goodbye. Goodbye little ones. Evil, nasty, smelly, little ones. Be gone for two weeks.

Love it.
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Tuesday, extended

ok, maybe the first one was a little premature
Synching issues finally aside - the conclusion being that there is no real way to cure the problem unless I get down and dirty and redo the thing; that won't happen, this is not Ben Hur.

So the way it went was, we had to make another one anyway - things changed during the day... well, they didn't but I wanted to try more of Virtualdub. And I did. And it's here.

Lamenting the fact that I am inside... by choice, and the impending debut of the kite buggy, being as the wind seems to have moved into the summer quadrant - North/NorthEast and all.

In fact it's everywhere, we're everywhere; YouTube, Blip.tv...

....Crackle, Imeem
you name it we're there. 

The bit that makes it hard to be such a video star, apart from the complete and utter lack of any talent, or a camera that can do more than glare at me from the top of the monitor, is the bloody uploading of the things.

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The week, but Tuesday

so tuesday camE, and sort of hung about...

now, Imeem appears
what? another video service? damn things are coming out of the walls..
and, of course, we're there.

Some synching difficulties we see/hear..
This was Tuesday...

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Kinda like the way the week was. Well, the way the week felt anyway.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I knew her.
Perhaps we all did.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday, Friday

VirtualDub - is good
Stand back - video production in progress. Bad video production in progress

The trials and tribulations of a would be film maker..
Made even harder by a deep love of being down at the pool, checking out sweet bodies, and sometimes even swimming.
Damn, I mean DAMN IT, why do I have to upload to Blogger, Google, and YouTube? One shot uploading for me from now on.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So, the week began

it followed the weekend

From Crackle: Monday. Easy.

Friday, October 12, 2007

and, then

David Lynch - Inland Empire

David Lynch does Filter Magazine

week END

So,  as I was saying..

I lied. It wasn't the end of the week, then, it's now....or soon

So, confused about it I just did audio.

Well, not confused... Just experimenting, in an audio sort of way

ya' know?

Thursday, October 11, 2007


a week in two parts

Lucky people.

Twice as much goodness for the same price. Is that a good deal or what?


Embarrassingly good deals, today only.

Oh, and, if you can't see the videos it is because you have a fucked browser. Your problem. I managed to view it in Firefox and Opera.

URL's :
1. the first one
2. the second one
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a week in two parts

As advertised, the second transmission for the week. Stunning in it's scope, and variety.
Drink it in viewers, bathe in the glory.


An event unmatched in it's sheer daring. Can't view either video? Nor could we until we tried Firefox, and Opera. So, who's the bunny with IE6 still?
Go and get a real browser this instant.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blow me then

The time has almost arrived
The season is here. The prevailing winds will begin to shift into the northern quadrant for the next few months. We need the northerly aspect for the kite buggy. Nice Nor Easters right off the bay is the thing good buggying is made off.

The afternoon storms have arrived; Early I think. Deeper into summer and we get an afternoon storm that cleans gutters and washes off the streets. Was a time, about 5 years ago now, when it would be so predictable that you knew exactly when to drop the kite out of the air and pack up.

The buggy. A Peter Lynn wide wheelbase buggy, just the thing to pound up and down a park, or foreshore, all day. Foreshore's are optional—Brisbane has no sand for beaches, you get a choice of mud or rocks, almost always with a sewerage coating.
The kites are checked and ready to go. A fine selection of serious damage makers all just waiting for the chance to attempt to tear my arse out of the buggy and drag me about the ground a bit.

A fine, safe, and unusually for me, a legal pastime. I've been away from it for 8 months, thanks to the great shoulder debacle. Promised doctor and surgeon I would leave hanging on to giant kites out of the list of things to do for as long as possible, give the shoulder maximum time to heal, bind things back together. A serious bump on top of my shoulder, the top of a screw holding everything together, the only sign anything went wrong. Some mobility a bit lacking—until I start to hang off a kite.

The season is here. I waited for it, It got here. Time to get out there.
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Friday, October 05, 2007

at a toilet near you

the wide stance

Idaho? Home of the wide stance, the latest craze in ' restroom behavior', the incredibly comfortable 'Senator Craig—spread 'em wide' stance.
Mr. Craig said he had reversed his previously announced decision to leave the Senate if he could not get the plea thrown out.
Yes you lucky restroom user, you too can adopt the stance and claim a gross 'misunderstanding'. Hell, you can even try and have a guilty plea withdrawn once you've had time to reflect on just how deep in shit you are in..

All hail 'the wide stance' Go Idaho, go Craig for 2009. Sounds like a shirtlifter to me folks.  

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School holidays - over

school time losers

It's too good - way too good

October 5th. Friday. News.
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