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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The bear gets it..

it gets sillier

Sudan is a shithole - correct?

Sudan is a shithole.
Sudanese would rather fight each other than get an education.
So much so that no one in the place has a brain. No one.
Sudanese were / are willing to let anyone else educate their children.
English school teachers, any teachers, are imported because the place has no ability to offer an education.  
British school teacher Gillian Gibbons was one of the brave souls who thought she could make a difference.

She did. She was marked as dead meat when it was discovered that she had a small role in the naming of a teddy bear. Innocently she allowed a child to name it Mohamed.

Remember, a child named it.

Why doesn't the child get lashings and imprisonment?

After a long drawn out string of bullshit, the head layabout of Sudan allowed the teacher to be removed back the UK .

People gathered outside the President's residence demanding she be put to death.

What I want to know is, how come these people who seem to be a burden on charities world wide, manage to find the time to gather anywhere? Shouldn't they be out somewhere gathering something - perhaps food? Scratching about in the dust for a film crew to capture. It's obviously too much to think they would manage an education.

Sudan, the rectum of the planet, welcomes you and looks forward to arresting you for something you may have never done.

Stuffed bears, of any persuasion, are advised to steer clear of Sudan. Most Sudanese have a degree in genocide. They certainly don't have a degree in being sensible.

Leave then to their Darfur crisis, they love it.


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