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Friday, January 18, 2008

week three

60klms bike riding on Monday cleaned out the detritus from the weekend and rendered me incapable of doing anything much if it involved the use of my legs. There is a lot to be said for the fatigue that sets in early in the evening when you've showered, powdered, and relaxed. A lot like a runner's high - feeling very laid back. My version: lying in front of the TV, gathering the news.

50 rounds of 9mm on Wednesday. Ipswich Indoor Range. Good to feel a Glock in the hand again. Wearing wrong glasses means I have to tilt my head back at an insane angle to get the front sight in focus.

Not a good situation.

Scoring 85/100, not a good result; excuses include wrong glasses, amount of time since last shoot, different weapon, and, the best, no one told me we were scoring. 

28 days is the amount of time I have to make up my mind about Mudbox, a recent Autodesk acquisition; a brother to 3ds Max perhaps? Looks good, feels good. More of a sculpting tool. Would perform wonderfully with a Wacom tablet if anyone feels the need to buy me one.

Reandron shot Thursday. Done. Sore arse. Hopefully worth it. Doctor swears it makes a difference to my attitude and things. I never remember to keep track. She was also good enough to cure the raging hayfever that I seem to be stuck with this week. Nothing like red, weepy eyes and a runny nose to keep people at bay. 

40klms bike riding to finish off the week. It has been a good looking Friday - sunshine even, and some decent buggy wind. Too late, the decision was made to bike rather than risk rain over at the buggy park. We don't do disappointments very well at all.

Biking it was. 40 kilometres and I'm home, looking up the internet for fresh bike tyres. Mine are getting badly cut with such a soft compound - time to look at the Kevlar option I feel.

Thus the week was completed. Weekend=work, two days to come up with insane plans. Two days alone with my own mind. Not an ideal situation.


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