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Monday, February 25, 2008

Sitting around

Waiting for something or someone... 

The reason I have made no public announcements of grave importance in the last few weeks... 

The weather I fear has become silly. No rain for years, now nonstop rain. I get silly if locked up inside for too long. Flightgear is something that helps the time:

Witness my prowess as a Cessna pilot. Experience flying a Cessna? Savagely limited. Experience jumping out of a Cessna? About 20 times. Can't remember looking at the instruments though. Rainy weather tutorials must help.  Won't they?

Violence is fostered by the wonderful Sniper Elite, allowing me to kill anything and everything, crawling around a 1940's Berlin, armed and completely silly:
When I get tired of Berlin I can always check in at my local indoor range and create real damage with a real Glock... until then...


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