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Friday, May 22, 2009

Standard Friday fare; are we normalizing?

No, I don't feel normal yet. What happened we may never know. But, something managed to change the overall mood. I noticed it just before I left for New Zealand. Flattening off of emotion. Less interest in everything. Heavily sedated anyway, I was surprised to feel so flat. Nothing out there ‘grabbing’ me by the eyeballs.

One high point though; Meeting the wonderful Deborah again. Old lovers, older friends, a pleasure to see we aged ok, better than most. Our story began when she was around sixteen. It will keep going. A long and wonderful story. Debris along the road. Tossed boyfriends, used girlfriends, littering the history. Some are still there somewhere, dishevelled, deflated, faded – no resale value at all. Some went on to live normal lives. Not a lot.

Even so, no getting around this so evident flat spot. Looking for something to provide the ignition to launch another adventure. Any adventure.

Damn shame really. Maybe we should blame the weather?


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