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Friday, August 14, 2009


Bitching. I know.

It's Friday and I'm squealing.

Sore back. Still. I don't have a lot of time for pain.

Good looking weather out there. Through the window. A breeze happening. Wrong direction.

Brings to mind the kite - still in the process of modifying the monster to make it more controllable on land. It's going to power the buggy. We want speed, not lift. Lift is what got us here, inside, on a bright mid winter day.

Monster kite's little brother, made purely to race on land, is what caused this damage. Too much wind, wrong day, overpowered in the buggy, lifted, lofted, 15 feet, and dropped. Dropped heavily. Flat on my back. Biggest hit I remember.

Winded. Lying there not doing good with the breathing at all. Remember when I was a kid winding myself. Breath returns. Pleasing really. Limbs all seem to work. Serious pain. Everywhere.

That's where I am now. Serious pain. Bend my neck forward, my ribs sting. How does that go together?

Initial x rays shows a few vertebrae cracked, but could be old damage. No ribs broken this time is a plus. Odd thing that did show up is a lack of bone density. Know nothing about about it. Don't want to. 

Doctor next week will explain all the perambulations involved. Some sort of scan. Great.

55 years old and now I'm turning into the incredible shrinking man. Bones like sponge. 

Body, don't fail me now.

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