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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

today? today?

Half dead bird dispatched to the wildlife people.. looked like it was having a bad feather day.
The stove is in the lounge. In a box. Someone needs to have the brain power to make it go. This will not involve me. Appliances in boxes make me want to shoot the broken down original. With something really silly. A rocket launcher. 

It's always a bitch of a time to have to 'change' something.

I don't like the personality of new appliances - although I did have my leg rubbed by a saucy little Smeg a week or two ago..

It's not like we intended to cook the half dead bird anyway. You ever plucked a thing like that? Burn the stubble out of the damn thing. Nothing said, "eat me". 

Anyway we must have other food, we have an oven sitting in the lounge. I told you that.

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