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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The world according to Hugh

BAR smarter conversations

Hugh Macleod, Gaping Void, will explain life to you one card at a time.

2007 and the entire online world is in serious mode. Looking for a reason to exist. Frightfully important things are happening. Gurus from far and wide are telling anyone foolish enough to take them seriously what is good, what is bad, and what may happen tomorrow. 

Dot com crash. Someone figured they had to prick the bubble, bring things back to earth, try and regain some common sense.

Out of nowhere steps Hugh Macleod. He’s a busy man, tied up in South African wine. Tied up in producing ‘cartoons on the back of business cards’.

Hugh put  humour back on the agenda. Too many people being too serious.
Hugh has wit to spare. Hugh is providing the Doonesbury moment for the internet. On the back of a card.


I took to stealing them off his site. Folders full of them. Turns out I didn’t need to steal them; he was staying around for longer than your average net presence. Fact is he’s still around now. Bigger, brighter, but still with the same satire.


I remember the first time he used colour. Any Gapingvoid fan will. Very daring. Microsoft got involved. Ya get that moment when you wonder if he’s going to stay the same, or is he going to go full colour, bigger, brighter, louder, and lose the entire point.


He kept to the script and still does to this day.

You can have colour. You can own a print. The only reason I don’t is simply a matter of budget necessity. Hugh’s cards work in any size.

He wrote a book. Ignore Everybody. It contained common sense, which, as you may have noticed is a bit hard to come by these days.
Satire done good.

I am supposed to nominate a favourite card (notice how I have this thing trained not to bitch about English spelling?) – veered off there, sorry…

I am supposed to nominate a favourite card and comment on it. I have too many favourites. They change on a daily basis – mood dependent.


If you haven’t found Hugh yet you need to. If you have already you don’t need me to tell you about it.

And, remember who you are.
Thanks Hugh.


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